about us  - who is custom touring?

Custom Touring is the natural progression from our founding company, Pannell's Tours which goes back to 1990 when it was founded by James & Louise Pannell in Knysna, South Africa. Inspired by their passion for travel, they journeyed to many exciting and remote destinations worldwide. They shared their joy of travel with others on their famous escorted tours and built up a loyal international clientele of regular travellers and friends who have always been ready to sign up whenever a new destination is announced.

In 2013, when James passed away, Louise was joined by new business partner, Judy Vos, who brought to the company her extensive travel experience in Europe, Russia, Asia, South America, South Africa and several other African countries. She and Louise continued to arrange holidays and escorted tours in the ensuing years, until Louise’s retirement in March 2018 when Judy took over Pannell's Tours, together with her husband, Graham and daughter, Lorienne.


In 2019 the new team made the decision to re-brand to Custom Touring for the purposes of marketing our annual Escorted Tours and our customized itineraries for private travel to our preferred Destinations across the globe. Pannell's Tours will remain our founding company.

With the invaluable knowledge gained from the past and an enthusiasm for soaring to new heights in the future, Custom Touring promises to fulfill your travel dreams, if you will only Dare to Dream with us.

Judy & Graham have traveled extensively together and have shared the tour leading on a number of our escorted tours. Graham’s expertise in all things related to Internet access while traveling abroad ensures trouble free connectivity for our passengers while on tour. 

Lorienne has traveled widely from childhood and brings a wealth of administration expertise to the company. Her more youthful approach will keep the balance and ensure our future offerings are suited to the younger generation as well!

We speak English ~ Ons praat Afrikaans ~ Wir sprechen Deutsch

CUSTOM TOURING is committed to the following:

  •  Designing innovative itineraries to desirable destinations across the globe
  •  Offering a mix of history, nature, wildlife, culture, local cuisine and exciting new experiences
  •  Opening up the world of travel to those who are wary of traveling on their own, including singles
  •  Being mindful of the global environment and respecting animal rights and local cultures
  •  Encouraging clients to un-tether from social media and to take a brain break while on tour with us
  •  Taking the stress out of your holiday planning as well as your holiday