amazon river cruises with custom touring

Amazon River cruise itineraries showcase  the best flora and fauna this incredible area has to offer, along with offering ideal soft adventure excursions for travelers to further discover the secrets of the Peruvian Amazonia.Itineraries vary from ship to ship and are based on whether the travel dates fall in the high water/rainy season or low water/dry season. All activities are optional, although guests are encouraged to tempt their adventurous side.

Daily excursions may include the following:

  • kayaking in the calm creeks and lakes
  • swimming with dolphins
  • fishing for piranhas at sunset
  • skirting the riverbanks in search of playful creatures
  • bird watching
  • trail walks
  • visits to local communities to interact with the indigenous people

Delfin 1, 11 & 111

Delfin cruises in Peru Amazon

8 -12 passengers
2 Master Suites
2 Deluxe Master Suites
12 crew members
1 expert naturalist guide

28 - 30 passengers
10 Suites
4 Master Suites
28 crew members
3 expert naturalist guides

Up to 44 passengers
1 Owner's Suite
2 Corner Suites
10 Upper Suites
9 Suites
29 crew members
3 expert naturalist guides

aria amazon  -luxury river cruise

Aria Amazon luxury river cruise

Aqua Expeditions' Aria Amazon receives Top 10 "Best River Cruise Lines" accolade for 2019. With an eye to forward sustainability, Aria Amazon is fuel efficient with ultra low emissions, and only 100% clean and sterile water is discharged back into the rivers.

Enjoy a 7-night, 4-night or 3-night Amazon River luxury cruise on the Aria Amazon; available for private charter on request. Guests travel far into the depths of the Amazon’s rain forests enjoying an intimate glimpse of her wildlife, ecosystems, local customs and marine and jungle landscapes. Four professionally trained naturalist guides lead guests on daily expeditions aboard comfortable skiffs deep into the Amazon River’s tributaries and on foot into the sultry Amazon rain forest.