custom touring in argentina

A journey of discovery with Custom Touring to Argentina in South America will take you from its exuberant natural beauty to its historical and cultural legacy and the wonderful warmth of its people.


  • Buenos Aires and the Tango
  • Archaeological ruins
  • World famous IguazĂș Falls
  • Rivers and lakes
  • Winter ski-ing
  • Extraordinary flora & fauna
  • Mountains, glaciers & icebergs
  • Gaucho country
  • Wetlands & wild life
  • Famous Argentine wine
  • Patagonia cruise

Nothing tells it like ones own photographs from a memorable trip - all photographs by Judy Vos, Custom Touring

La Boca neighbourhood with Custom Touring
La Boca neighbourhood in Buenos Aires
Wine tasting at Luigi Bosca
Wine tasting at Luigi Bosca - famous Argentine Malbec
High mountain excursion, Mendoza
Into the high mountains around Mendoza
Argentine Gauchos
Real Argentine gauchos
Caiman in the Argentine wetlands
Caiman in the wetlands
Recoleta Cemetery with Custom Touring
Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires
Argentine wine tour with Custom Touring
Vines, olive trees & lavender
Bridge of Incas with Custom Touring
Bridge of Incas
Into the Argentine wetlands
My very own gauchochauffeur, Nando
Sunset in the Argentine wetlands
End of a perfect day