Photo by Judy Vos

custom touring in asia, indonesia & the far east

The vast land mass of Asia, South East Asia, Indonesia and the Far East encompasses many different countries, cultures, peoples, history, scenery and exciting holiday destinations, among which are some of Custom Touring's favourites:Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia including the iconic Angkor Wat, Bali,Japan with its amazing railway network of different trains, and Sri Lanka.

  • ancient temples & ornate palaces
  • mystical ruins & history museums
  • vibrant cities & country villages
  • rice paddies & life giving rivers
  • waterfalls & island beaches
  • night markets & strange street food
  • exotic animals & gentle people
  • orange clad monks & Buddha images
  • hurtling trains and ox drawn carts
  • ancient rubbing shoulders with modern

There is something for everyone in this destination. We will create a unique itinerary to suit your interests, preferences, time available and preferred hotel category. A multi-country itinerary in Asia could tick all the boxes.

let us customize your travel in asia, indonesia and the far east