Photo by Judy Vos

custom touring in  SOUTH AMERica

South America is a continent of contrast, from geography to climate, from cultures to crafts, from activities to lifestyles. It has so much to offer, you could travel there once a year and find something new and exciting every time.

  • ancient cities & mysterious ruins
  • museums and churches
  • cowboys, wine & tango
  • wetlands & wildlife
  • volcanoes and deserts
  • markets & artisans
  • jungles and highlands
  • snow and glaciers
  • island cruises & exotic animals
  • amazon and cloud forest
  • patagonia cruise

At Custom Touring we believe it is important for us all to stay at home right now to overcome the Corona virus pandemic, but we are going to continue dreaming about future adventures and sharing our inspirational destinations with you for when all of this is over…. Let´s "Dare to Dream" together!

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