Photo courtesy of Reina Luck

custom touring in sri lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical and incredibly diverse island off the southern tip of India, offering holiday makers everything from pristine sandy beaches to ancient Buddhist temples and lush green hills dotted with tea plantations - and wildlife! Its tourism industry suffered major setbacks from its 20 year civil war, which ended in 2009, as well as devastation from the 2004 tsunami. But it is slowly getting back on its feet and there are many reasons for visiting  the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean' 

  • Its blissful tropical climate
  • Tea lovers paradise! The cool Hill Country is covered with tea plantations on every available slope
  • The beaches are a majestic golden-tan colour, fringed with swaying palm trees and backed by orchards, rice paddies and lowland tea plantations
  • Sri Lankans are incredibly kind, smiling and welcoming
  • You can buy label Western clothes at a discount as well as bringing home teas, spices and brightly coloured clothes
  • It's a fantastic place to pick up precious gem stones
  • The great variety of food, which has been shaped by its colourful historical and cultural past, as well as delicious local beer
  • It is jam-packed with world heritage sites
  • It is one of the best places in Asia for seeing wildlife such as leopards, elephants, deer and plentiful bird life
  • Sri Lanka remains a well priced destination
All photos on this page by kind courtesy of Reina Luck, one of our travelers to Sri Lanka in 2019
Stupa by night
Lotus flowers
Roadside shrine
Lighting candles at the stupa
Country style travel