Photo by Judy Vos

 custom touring travel tips

Custom Touring is happy to share some useful travel tips, gleaned from our many journeys across the globe.From deciding where to go in the world, how long you will need for a worthwhile holiday, what to pack, what to do about currency in your destination, respecting local customs - and many more words of wisdom from our team.

How to pack your suitcase

As soon as a destination is decided upon, the first thing most people think about - well, mainly the ladies! -  is "what to pack." This, of course, will be different from country to country, and we will deal with these specifics as we go along, but here we offer a guideline on "HOW" to pack. There are many different opinions about whether to lie your clothes flat, or to roll them.
In our test packs, a combination normally wins this argument. So here is a graphic illustration of a successful pack, whether you have a standard suitcase with a flat lid or a clam shell style suitcase where both halves can be packed with clothing.This is a veryuseful suitcase if you are traveling to two destinations requiring different clothing. Pack one country per side for ease of finding the right clothes in each destination without getting in a complete mess!

As this is a work in progress, we will continue adding items of interest, so do come back every now and then to see the latest contribution.